Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Fish Called Kaia

Kaia's been taking swim lessons and LOVES it. Watch the video below.

She was so excited about going off the diving board, she was talking about it all week, before she even had a chance to try it. Then, finally, the teacher suggested it on Thursday. She said, "Who wants to go first?" Kaia immediately jumped up "I do! I do!" She marched right up there and jumped off. This video was actually her second jump, she wasn't hesitating out of fear, she just wanted to make sure the teacher was close enough to catch her.

What a fish! She has been all smiles every time she's in the water. She's been so brave, floating, putting her face in the water, and swimming all the way across the pool (with a floatie of course). I think there will be A LOT more swimming in our future.

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