Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy First Birthday Halle!

"What's this"
"Got It!"
"Hmm, now what do I do with it?"
"Yum-o, thank you so much for this delicious cake, Mommy!"
"Ooo, it's so good! Is it gone already?"
"Plate, not so good. I want some more!"
Halle had a great birthday. We had some friends over for dinner yesterday. I decorated with some pink balloons and a birthday sign. When Kaia saw it she exclaimed, "It's my pink birthday!" I had to explain that it was Halle's birthday today, and hers was another day. She's already decided she wants a pink cake. Halle was excited too, she's been totally entertained chasing balloons around the house. I can't believe my baby is one!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Summertime..and the Livin's Easy

No time to blog...we've been enjoying the outdoors...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Playing Dress Up

I found some fun dress up stuff at garage sales. Two sets of butterfly/fairy wings for I think 50 cents each. And a unicorn costume and a bumble bee costume for $1 each. Every once in a while, Kaia and I run around the house, wearing our wings, flapping our arms, saying "I'm a beautiful butterfly". Alex likes the costumes even more than Kaia does. In the first picture, they were admiring themselves in the mirror. The second picture was snapped just as Kaia pushed Alex down. I'm not proud that my daughter pushed her (she took a time out after that), but I think the devious look on Kaia's face as Alex dives to the ground is kind of comical. Those two argue like sisters.