Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a nice Halloween. Halle was a ladybug and Kaia was a princess. Kaia loved being all dressed up. We were going to go Trick or Treating, but it was FREEZING so we decided to skip that tradition this year. Kaia won't know the difference. Instead we went to a big party at a church in town. It was fun...bouncy house, games, tacos, balloon animals, and candy, of course. However, I now have a huge bowl of candy left because we weren't home when the trick or treaters came around. Anyone want any?

Why is it, we always have a hard time getting good Halloween pictures? Even before all the candy and excitement.

Mike and Kaia made a kid sized pie at a Bakers Square pie booth at the party. Cool idea.

Halle demonstrating her "I want to hold you" sign.

It's not Halloween without Jack O Lanterns. The one on the bottom is Kaia's, the big one is Mike's, the BOO one belongs to Halle-boo (fitting, right?), and the top one is mine - he has plastic spiders crawling up his face...creeps me out every time a look at it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'd Say It's Official

Halle is walking!!!!! Yay!

She's just so stinkin cute! And so proud of herself.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Congratulations Joe and Melinda!

Last weekend, Mike and I went to Phoenix Arizona for our friends Joe and Melinda's wedding. We made it a long weekend and got in a little vacation time too. The weather was beautiful, I can see why people live there. The wedding was at this beautiful outdoor garden. We had a great time. We are so happy for Joe and Melinda!

Goin' To Grandma's

As I type, Kaia is pushing her shopping cart around the house. It is filled with toys. In the child seat sits Curious George, wearing a diaper. And Kaia is wearing my purse she found on the counter and her "Auntie is good" shirt from Auntie Lora. She told me, "I'm goin' to Grandma's house to watch Little Mermaid with my George." Have fun Kaia! Say hi to Grandma for me!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congratulations Rick and Jill!

Well, we've had a busy October. Last weekend, we went to Phoenix for a wedding/vacation. This past weekend we went down to Rochester for our friends Rick and Jill's wedding. I have so many pictures. Yay! So I'll be posting more throughout the week.

So I'll start out of order with Rick and Jill this past weekend. What a fun wedding and what a great couple. It was good to see some of our Winona friends there too. The girls and Kylie spent the night at Marty and Jess's house. From what I hear, they had fun too.

More from Rick and Jill's Wedding

Mike had some sweet moves. As always.

Yes, that is the air sax!